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Product guide
Push-pull tester
 ・AP series
 ・MP series
 ・MPS series
 ・MPL series
 ・MPC series

Load stand
 ・KS series
 ・K series
 ・M series
 ・KM series
Digital force gauge
 ・ARF series
standard/small type

 ・ARF series large-scale
 ・ARFS series separate type

Measuring jig
 ・Flat type chuck
 ・Film chuck
 ・Wedge chuck
 ・Pin chuck
 ・Small chuck
 ・Round stick chuck
 ・Coiling chuck
 ・Vise chuck
 ・X-Y table
Digital torque checker
 ・DTC series
 ・ADT-C series

PC Torque analyzer

Software to take data
and etc.
Company introduction
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