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ARF series large-scale

Itfs a discontinued product.
(We are continuing to accept repairs and calibrations.)
We may not be able to repair depending on the repair content.)

A standard output is enhanced and efficient,
large-scale, digital force gauge ARF series.
ARFV[YE^ Easiness to use, high performance, and the low price were achieved.
- Push-pull load measurement can be measured.
  Please install it in the stand for use.
- As for the digital display, it is reversible.
  The digital display can be reversed by the mode setting.
- The kind of the external I/O is standard equipment of enhancement.
EExternal reset input
EDigimatic output
ERS-232C output
EComparator output
EAnalog output
- The minimum display digit is detailed.
  For instance, a minimum display is 0.1N in ARF-100 (1000N or less).
  A minimum display is 0.01KN in ARF-500 (5KN or less).
- The low price is achieved.
qThe data taking soft download is here. r
Catalog of ARF series(Large-scale) / Manual of ARF series(Large-scale)
Main body externals dimensional drawing /
Accessory (attachment) externals dimensional drawing
- Connected cable externals dimensional drawing
RS-232C output connection : KC-210
Digimatic output connection : KC-220
Analog output connection : KC-230
Comparator output connection : KC-510
Control unit externals dimensional drawing
example of displaying various functions
Displaying various functions

- Standard accessory
ESix attachments
EAC adaptor
ESpecial installation bolt (with nut)

attachments for large type
Model Range of measurement display Minimum display value
ARF-100 0`999.9m/0`99.99kg/0`220.0lb 0.1m/0.01kg/0.1lbf
ARF-200 0`2.000km/0`200.0kg/0`440.0lb 0.001km/0.1kgf/0.1lbf
ARF-500 0`5.000km/0`500.0kg/0`1100lb 0.001km/0.1kgf/1lbf
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