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In Attonic Ltd., a variety of load measuring instruments
such as the push-pull tester, force gauge, torque checker are manufactured.

・In April 2021, The new product AD-FGAD-TM series was released due to the discontinuation of some digital products.

Standard or custom-made. Please feel free to contact us for details.
Business line of ATTONIC
■Torque testing machine
■Load testing machine
■Endurance testing machine
■Bend testing machine
■Impact testing machine
■Exfoliation testing machine
■Pipe strength testing machine
■Spring testing machine
■Automatic attachment machine

■Automatic processing machine
■Drawing-out testing machine
■Vibration testing machine
■Stretch testing machine

Because light and compact, you can use it anywhere.
When bringing it in to the different location because of lightness, the transfer is easy.
A compact design can compactly use the work space.
Details here
products guide
push-pull digital force gauge load stand
push-pull testerPushed and pulled measurement of the load. Analog force gauge and with night line mechanism. Digital measurement of load.
load standSpecial stand of digital force gauge and push-pull tester.
digital torque checker measuring jigs software to take date
Electric driver's torque the checker andtightening torque management.
measuring jigsVarious treatment devices are necessary for measurement of the load. The measurement is supported with various standardized goods and special mawnufactures.
Data taking software for digital force gauge (ARF series)& digital torque checker (ADT-C series)
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