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ARF series separation type
Separate type digital force gauge into which main body of indicator and load cell divide are seperated.

Push-pull load measurement can be measured, and it is possible to measure by installing it in a special stand and other equipments.
High performance and the low price were achieved in the field of the separation type.
- Miniaturized peculiar externals
EThe shape of the main body is the same as push-pull tester (AP series) shape.
- As for the digital display, it is reversible.
EThe digital display can be reversed up and down by the mode setting.

- Various kinds of external output are equipped.
EDigimatic output ERS-232C output
EComparator output EAnalog output
- The minimum display value is detailed.
EFor instance, the minimum display value is 0.01N in 100N. It is 0.1N in 500N.
- The low price is achieved.
qThe data taking soft download is here. r
- Combination agreement load stand
A special attachment lug is necessary when installing it in the load stand.
Manual of ARFS series
Main body externals dimensional drawing
Accessory (attachment) externals dimensional drawing
Main body externals dimensional drawing
Accessory (attachment) externals dimensional drawing
- Connected cable externals dimensional drawing
RS-232C output connection : KC-210
Digimatic output connection : KC-220
Analog output connection : KC-230
Comparator output connection : KC-510
Control unit externals dimensional drawing
example of displaying various functions
Displaying various functions

- Standard accessory
 (Five attachments are equipped with ARF-02 and 05, and seven with ARF-1 to 50. )
EAC adaptor
ESpecial installation bolt(with nut)
EConnecting cord(1m)

Loading cell externals specification dimensional drawing
Standard issue
Rating capacity ‚Q‚m`‚T‚O‚O‚m
Tolerable load 120“
Declared power 2‚‚u/‚u
Tolerable and impressed voltage ‚T‚u
Input resistance ‚R‚T‚OƒΆ
Output resistance ‚R‚T‚OƒΆ
Tolerable temperature range 0`{‚S‚OŽ
Model and rating capacity
Model Rating capacity
‚`‚k|‚Q‚m ‚Q‚m
‚`‚k|‚T‚m ‚T‚m
‚`‚k|‚P‚O‚m ‚P‚O‚m
‚`‚k|‚Q‚O‚m ‚Q‚O‚m
‚`‚k|‚T‚O‚m ‚T‚O‚m
‚`‚k|‚P‚O‚O‚m ‚P‚O‚O‚m
‚`‚k|‚Q‚O‚O‚m ‚Q‚O‚O‚m
‚`‚k|‚T‚O‚O‚m ‚T‚O‚O‚m
Model Range of measurement display Minimum display value Load cell Attachment
ARFS-02 0`2.000‚m/0`200.0gf/
0.001‚m/0.1gf/0.001lbf ‚`‚k
for small size
ARFS-05 0`5.000‚m/0`500.0gf/
0.001‚m/0.1gf/0.001lbf ‚`‚k
for small size
ARFS-1 0`9.999‚m/0`999.9gf/
0.001‚m/0.1gf/0.001lbf ‚`‚k
for standard type
ARFS-2 0`20.00‚m/0`2000gf/
0.01‚m/1gf/0.001lbf ‚`‚k
for standard type
ARFS-5 0`50.00‚m/0`5000gf/
0.01‚m/1gf/0.01lbf ‚`‚k
for standard type
ARFS-10 0`99.99‚m/0`9999gf/
0.01‚m/1gf/0.01lbf ‚`‚k
for standard type
ARFS-20 0`200.0‚m/0`20.00kgf/
0.1‚m/0.01kgf/0.01lbf ‚`‚k
for standard type
ARFS-50 0`500.0‚m/0`50.00kgf/
0.1‚m/0.01kgf/0.1lbf ‚`‚k
for standard type
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