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ADT-C series
IIt is a high performance, precision, and easy-to use torque inspection instruemnt.
ADT-C series

- Feature
It is mainly used to check the torque of electric driver.Of course, it can be used to check manual torque wrenches.
 Common + bit can be used for checking with standard equipped attachment.
To correspond to customer's special bit, we will do a special processing.
 (Additional cost will be charged.   Please inquire. )

You can choose appropriate measuring range from 8 models from 1Ncm(0.1kgfcm) to 20Nm(200kgfcm) according to required torque.
The measuring torque value conforms to the torque data of Torque Analyzer (torque analysis system).
The digit number switch function ( 3 digits /4 digits ) was added under many customersfexpectation.

Following functions are normally equipped .
EDigimatic output (printer output)
ERS-232C output
EComparator output
EAnalog output

- Accessory
EAC adaptor (IN:AC100V-240V OUT:DC9V 500mA) 1 piece
EAttachment for driver 1 piece
EAttachment for electric driver 1 piece
EScrew (Excluding a special attachment) for the attachment 2 pieces for each.
Attachment list according to the model
qThe data taking soft download is here. r
Catalog of ADT-C series / Manual of ADT-C series
Main body external dimensional drawin
- Connected cable externals dimensional drawing
RS-232C output connection : KC-210
Digimatic output connection : KC-220
Analog output connection : KC-230
Comparator output connection : KC-510
- Standard issue
Unit of measurement Nm(Ncm)/kgfcm/inlb
Accuracy }0.5%F.S.
Measurement method Peak holding (maximum value)/tracking(present value)
Peak holding Digital analog holding
Response speed MAX.1mS
Display Four digit LCD
Permissive load 120
Power supply Chargeable battery   Ni-MH(For four charging time hours. )
Basic machine weight About 3.2kg
Model Range of measurement display Range of minimum display Attachment
ADT-C1 1.000`10.00mEcm/0.100`1.000kgfEcm/0.100`1.000inElb 0.001mEcm/0.001kgfEcm/0.001inElb TC-2A
ADT-C2 2.00`20.00mEcm/0.200`2.000kgfEcm/0.200`2.000inElb 0.01mEcm/0.001kgfEcm/0.001inElb TC-2A
ADT-C5 5.00`50.00mEcm/0.500`5.000kgfEcm/0.500`5.000inElb 0.01mEcm/0.001kgfEcm/0.001inElb TC-2A
ADT-C10 0.100`1.000mEm/1.000`10.00kgfEcm/1.000`10.00inElb 0.001mEm/0.001kgfEcm/0.001inElb TC-3A
ADT-C20 0.200`2.000mEm/2.00`20.00kgfEcm/2.00`20.00inElb 0.001mEm/0.01kgfEcm/0.01inElb TC-3A
ADT-C50 0.500`5.000mEm/5.00`50.00kgfEcm/5.00`50.00inElb 0.001mEm/0.01kgfEcm/0.01inElb TC-6A
ADT-C100 1.000`10.00mEm/10.00`100.0kgfEcm/10.00`100.0inElb 0.001mEm/0.01kgfEcm/0.01inElb TC-4A
ADT-C200 2.00`20.00mEm/20.0`200.0kgfEcm/20.0`200.0inElb 0.01mEm/0.1kgfEcm/0.1inElb TC-4A
- Function explanation
 Setting of each function can be operated by pushing gFUNhbutton for seconds.
 Returning to measuring mode is also operated by pushing gFUNhbutton for seconds.

1. Setting of peak holding mode/tracking mode
 Peak holding: The maximum value of measurement is displayed.
 Tracking: The value of present measurement is displayed.
2. History of memory data
 It is automatically memorized in the internal storage memory by pushing RESET button at peak mode .
 (The value when the RESET button is pushed is memorized. )
3. Comparator setting
 The display of HI/LO appears to the display by setting the upper bound value and the lower bound value.
 (When the comparator output of the option is adhered, three kinds of judgments of HI/GO/LO are displayed by this set value. )
when the comparator output of the option has adhered. )
4. Setting at each measurement
 3 kinds of unit {Nm(Ncm)/kgfcm/inlb} can be set.
5. Setting of overload
 hOverloadhindication can be displayed by setting maximum limit value of the result.
 (Maximum limit value of the result can be basically set at percentage of the limit value.   It cannot accept over 110% of the limit value. )
 Example When you measure the torque of fastening a work with appropriarte attachment, you can use this function to hold the measurement just before breaking the work by setting perticular limit value.
6. Auto power OFF setting
 It is a function that the unit is turned off automatically when it doesnft work  for over five minutes.
 If the function isnft set, the unit isnft turned off until battery shortage display is indicated.
7. Digit number switch setting
 Its digital indication can be selected from 3 digits or 4 digits.
8. Reversing setting of display
 It is a function that the display can be displayed reversely.
9. Battery shortage display
 The battery line decreases when the battery decreases.
 "BATT" appears in display when the battery line disappears.
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