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AP series
With reinforced plastic body, light, small measuring instrument that can endure long-time measurement.
AP series - Feature

It enables you to do push-pull load mesurement easily in your hand.
Reset button is put near the tip of the finger for more efficient work, so it is helpful for repeated work.
Three kinds of attachments are standard attached.
Please use it for various measurements.
- Guaranteed term   Two years
- Example of usage for measurement
Operation power measurement of switch
Soldering strength measurement
Opening and shutting power measurement of door
Destruction measurement of plastic component
Load setting in clamping lever mechanism etc.

- Combination agreement load stand *

Catalog of AP series
Main body externals dimensional drawin
Accessory (attachment) externals dimensional drawing
carrying case Carrying case(model: CC-50)
Box: Cardboard
(surface ・・・ crossing finish)
Interior: Styrene foam
Please use it to keep and to carry.
special steering wheel Special steering wheel(model: HP-50)
Push-pull is installed.
It is a steering wheel to do the measurement that uses both hands.

Special steering wheel externals dimensional drawing
Model Greates
measured value
scale value
Accuracy Stroke Weight
AP-3N 3N 0.02N ±0.2% of full-scale 10mm About 650g
AP-5N 5N 0.05N
AP-10N 10N 0.1N
AP-20N 20N 0.2N
AP-30N 30N 0.2N
AP-50N 50N 0.5N
AP-100N 100N 1N
AP-200N 200N 2N
AP-300N 300N 2N
AP-500N 500N 5N
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