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CHW series
- CHW series is made of steel except for CHW-100N. (CHW-100N is made of alminum.)
- It can hold various kinds of objects.

- Examples
The bread down test of the connector is being operated with vertical load measuring stand (K-501H) and a push-pull gauge as below.    A set of flat type chuck (CHW-500N) is used.

Standard specification
Model CHW-100N
External dimensional
External dimensional
External dimensional
Maximum load 100N 500N 2KN
Width of chuckfs entrance 0`15mm 0`15mm 0`15mm
Size of tightening board 20~20mm 20~20mm 25~25mm
Shape of tightening surface Flat (pitch 0.8mm) Flat (pitch 0.8mm) Flat (pitch 0.8mm)
Special specification
Model CHW-500N(R)
External dimensional
External dimensional
External dimensional
Maximum load 500N 2KN 500N
Width of chuckfs entrance 0`15mm 0`5mm 0`15mm
Size of tightening board 70(W)~20(H)mm 90(W)~25(H)mm 20~20mm
Shape of tightening surface Net Flat (pitch 0.8mm) Flat (pitch 0.8mm)
- Please write gseth when you order a set of upper and lower jig.
When you order a set, the board for installing resisting pressure board is attached to one side of the chuck.
 The board for installing resisting pressure board isnft attached when you order single unit.
If you need the board, you can get it optionally.

- We will remodel the above-mentioned special items to your requested jig.
- The above-mentioned special items have been manufactured by our company before.
- We will produce special jigs depend on your request except for the above-mentioned items.
Please feel free to contact us.
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