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X-Y table
X-Y table - XY series is made of steel.
- It is suitable for centering of the work and so on.
- It is installed onto the sample board of the standfs resisting pressure board.
- It is used to decide fixed position.
- Examples
he break down test of the soldered pin is being operated by pull test with vertical load measuring stand (K-501H) and a push-pull gauge.   Pin chuck (CHP-05) and X-Y table (XYS-60) are used.
Standard specification
Model XY-50 XY-100 XY-150
External dimensional drawing CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!
Maximum load 500N 500N 500N
Amount of X movement 50mm(}25mm) 100mm(}50mm) 150mm(}75mm)
Amount of Y movement 50mm(}25mm) 100mm(}50mm) 150mm(}75mm)
Sending method Screw sending method Screw sending method Screw sending method
Example of special specification
Model XYS-60
External dimensional drawing CLICK!
Maximum load 500N
Amount of X movement 60mm(}30mm)
Amount of Y movement 60mm(}30mm)
Sample stand
Sending method Rack pinion method
Others Suppression board and screw ( 2 pcs each )

We will produce special jigs depend on your request except for the above-mentioned items.Please feel free to contact us.

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